Hello again.

Today, I want to ask you what’s the difference between motivation and your reason why.

I’m asking this because over the years, if your anything like me, you’ve probably got the two mixed up.

So the first question is, what is your reason why you’re an internet marketer, or, a coach in a specialist field, or anything you do in life? This is a qyestion that sadly only you can answer. For me personally, I became an internet marketer to give my daughter a better lifestyle, and myself, an opportunity to spend more time with her.

Rather than go out to work 40+ hours per week, never see my daughter, who is autistic, and needs more time with me as a result. Like you, quality time with my family is hugely important to me, and as my little girl is now 13, (not so little now IO suppose lol.), more time with dad, doing things like going shopping, go to the park, seaside, etc are vital for her to make good memories with, when eventually I’m too old and tired physically to take her to these places.

So, a real burning reason why is obviously important to get your brain fired up enough to go and start to take the necessary actions you need to develop your business, or indeed life.

This brings me to the 2nd question, what is motivation?

Herein lies the confusion between motivation and a reason why.

The word motivation, is a combination of two words, literally forced together. The first word, motavus, is the rough translation for motive, or why. The word Ation, is a derivative of the word action.


So motivation, you could say is the reason why you take action, yet, paradoxically, coaches all tell us motivation tends not to last. While, this is true, I believe the reason why motivation fades, is because we forget the reason why we are taking the action we need to take, in order for our goals to succeed.

So, my 3rd question, and one I think your asking is why did I start the article with the reason why, instead of motivation?

I understand that your curious as why I did that, and the reason for the questions put this way was to illustrate that there are no real differences, between motivation, and a reason why, you do something new.

What is the difference between motivation, and your reason why? Absolutely nothing at all, except the way we view them.


Until next time…


Stay Awesome,



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