One thing about modern life is that we are all inevitably busy.


Let’s face facts, there is always something we have to see or do.

It makes life interesting without a doubt, but, being busy in your

Business can also be slow down your hard-earned momentum.

Momentum and traction in your fledgling business are hugely

Important, and I would argue vital in the infancy stage.


However, the drawback we face is that we become too busy,

And, as a result, find ourselves, or worse, fool ourselves into

Thinking that we are productive.


There is a major difference between the two, as I discovered

To my cost some time back, when I used to run a bricks and

Mortar business.


I fell into the trap that most of us do, when the my to do list was

As long as your arm, and there was not a snowball’s chance in

Nowhere, that I was ever going to complete them in one week

Let alone a single day!


I then became busy, as I felt the need to just do something to

Clear these tasks was to be seen to be doing something at the

Very least.

The result? I achieved one thing, I got so burnt out, that

I could have given another person a suntan I was that hot.

Seriously though, I was so tired as I was just spinning my

Wheels, running around in circles, like a hamster in the wheel.


My business went bust, as I couldn’t serve my customers the

Way I should have done, and I almost had a complete and

Utter nervous breakdown.


So now, I focus on being productive, instead of just busy, and

I’m delighted to say that I’m seeing results.


How have I managed this? Very simply because I decided that

This time, I would make sure my to do list was smaller, I would

Take regular breaks as a small reward, but time them to make sure

I’d get straight back to working on the next task, and, above all

Else, I’d make sure that whatever happened to try and set me back,

I’d still get my tasks done, even if it meant I’d finish just before



I now feel fresher each day, happier to get my tasks done,

And, above all, I am delighted with the results I am now



If you apply some, or indeed all these tactics, then you’ll

Find that simply being busy gets eliminated quickly, and

You’ll be able to do more of the things you want to do,

And enjoy doing, as you deserve.


Until Next Time,


Stay Awesome,



    4 replies to "Are You Productive Or Just Busy?"

    • Lainie B

      Hi Paul what a great post.

      I can so relate to it.

      We need to take time out for ourselves to energise.

      I’m one of those people who would sit in front of the computer from morning until night and no doubt all through the night – it’s almost an addiction! But I do now try and have time out for myself – to recharge my batteries.

      Today for example I went to a Massage Therapist because my shoulders and neck were aching and burning so much I needed to get them sorted. I’ve come back like a new woman!

      I find I need to put an alarm on the go so that I remember to get some “me time”

      Keep up the good work 🙂

      • paulhaylett

        Hi Elaine,

        Thank you for the praise, I am very grateful to you 🙂

        Yes, taking time out for ourselves is a very important thing,
        as we risk burn out, but maybe more importantly, we risk
        just being busy instead of being productive, which is far
        more vital for our businesses in my humble opinion.

        Keep up the good work, and I wish you every success 🙂

        Stay awesome,


    • Don Melvin

      Very good thoughts, thanks for sharing them.

      I don’t remember who said it but they pointed out that effectiveness is much more important that efficiency, you’re most efficient and effective when you realize that some task just isn’t worth doing at all.

      • paulhaylett

        Hi Don,

        Thank you for replying to this article,
        it’s great that you took the time to read
        and then reply to it, and, I’m truly grateful 🙂

        I looked at my list of tasks I had each day,
        and realised that at least half of them were not
        going to make me productive in my business, but
        they sure as heck made me busy instead, so I
        dumped the unnecessary ones.

        The result was I could focus on business tasks,
        and became more productive.

        Stay Awesome 🙂


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