Hello again,


Firstly, I want to say thank you for reading my content, and I hope what your reading is enjoyable,

and inspiring :).


Today I’d like to discuss the idea of perfection, and why just making a start, and focusing on progress

is better for you, AND your business.

Everything we do begins with a decision, so if we decide that we want to eat that extra slice of pie

then we’ll eat it. Subsequently, if we decide to start a business, then we must start it. Sadly, human

nature shows us that we will make more decisions to NOT to start something, particularly online markting,

than we will find reasons to actually begin.

This is because we find it easier, more comfortable, or less painful not to begin a project, than it is to

get it up and running.


One of the biggest reasons we find for not doing anything, is because it is not the perfect time.


Sorry to burst your bubble ladies and gents, but sadly there no such thing as perfection. It simply

does not exist. What does exist though is PROGRESS, and we should focus on that completely.


For so long, I felt that writing anything simply wasn’t for me, I always dreamt of writing a book,

but always thought that it wasn’t the perfect time, until today that is.

This morning, while my daughter and me sat together eating breakfast at 7 a.m., I took the

decision that today I would start writing a book, and start an ebook, AND write a blog post,

while also commenting on two other people’s blogs.


Guess what has happened? Yep, you got it, I wrote two chapters so far of my book, I’ve

commented on two other people’s blogs, and I’m writing this blog post. By throwing away

the I can’t write attitude, and by chucking out the it’s not the perfect time to write a book, I’ve

been productve instead of just busy, but I’ll write about that tomorrow, as that is another subject.


So, by concentrating on just making a start, I’ve achieved about 90 per cent of my goals for today

already, and that’s before I stop to eat lunch, then I’ll start my ebook after lunch, so by the end of

today, I’ll have achieved every last one of my to do list, simply by making a simple decision, and

then taking the necessary action to ensure I’d be happy with my day’s work.

I genuinely wish you all the success you deserve πŸ™‚

Stay Awesome!



    12 replies to "Don’t Try To Be Perfect Just Make A Start."

    • Lainie B

      Awesome post Paul – I love it. You’ve hit the nail on the head. Too many times we get daunted with certain tasks and it does stop us from doing things we want to do.

      I for one have always been someone who always thinks what other people think of me and worry too much on upsetting people or getting things wrong. After sitting down with hubby this last weekend, my attitude has changed and I really need to get out of my comfort zone – so this week is a huge challenge for me.

      All the best Paul – keep on doing what your doing and you will get there – here’s to our future πŸ™‚

      • paulhaylett

        Hi Elaine,

        Many thanks for taking the time to read and leave a comment
        on my post.

        I am grateful you found some value in what I wrote, as sadly
        we all get bogged down in can we do it?, or am I good enough?

        If we just make that simple step of starting, then we can
        not only get better with practice, we aslso feel better in
        ourselves, making it a true win win for us πŸ™‚

        As you said, here’s to our future,

        Stay Awesome,


    • David Wakeman

      Hello Paul,

      All I can is say is “BRAVO”. We all get stuck in the this isn’t the right time mode. I know I did. That’s the reason I decided to do my own personal challenge.

      It doesn’t matter what others do or think, it only matters what we do and think.

      I applaud your decision and look forward to seeing how you progress.


      • paulhaylett

        Hi David,

        Thank you for being kind enough to leave a comment on this post.

        I agree with you that we do get stuck in the not the right time
        frame of mind, and there is a reason to that, which I will reveal in
        a couple of posts time πŸ™‚

        I know sneaky of me, but ideas for my posts are forming every minute
        of my day, most of which are discarded due to the idea lacking merit
        from me.

        Have a great day and stay awesome,


    • Bruce

      I find that when I am having trouble thinking of what to write, the best thing I can do is to write SOMETHING related to the subject I’m tryimg to write about with the understanding that once I have figured out what to write I can rewrite what I have already written. Understand? … Sometimes this approach results in something better than I would have written had I not started by writing something.
      Maybe I should rewrite that…….

      • paulhaylett

        Hi Bruce,

        That’s the best thing anyone can do when they are struggling
        for inspiration.

        As long as you know the subject you want to write about, then
        just start writing about it, and once you’ve written about it,
        revisit and re-write if necessary.

        Thank you so much for replying.

        Stay Awesome


    • Adam Henderson

      Hi Paul,
      Great post, I feel you on that been going through a few similar things myself, I like the part about the to-do list,
      this really does help focus the mind on getting the tasks completed.
      you have achieved a lot today and I bet you just want to do more, getting started and doing, creates momentum.
      Keep up the good work look forward to reading more.

      To your success

      Kind Regards


      • paulhaylett

        Hi Adam,

        Thank you for replying to this post, I appreciate it greatly πŸ™‚

        Yes, a to do list does help, however, just making that decision,
        then following through and taking action is the main thing.

        Please keep an eye out for more content coming very soon πŸ™‚

        Stay Awesome


    • Robert Black

      Hi Paul

      Good to see the site back up again. Love the content mate!

      Procrastination is one of the biggest enemies we have. It’s too easy to put something off “until later”, we’ve all been there. I find writing a to do list first thing after I get up helps get me started. It’s important to take that first step then you have momentum to keep going.

      Sometimes I struggle to get started with the to do list. So the first item on my list might be “drink coffee”, the second item “prepare to write to do list”. As soon as I have had my first coffee, I cross that off my list. When I have my pen in hand to create my to do list I cross off “prepare to write to do list”. I’ve now completed 2 items from my to do list and I’ve only been awake 10 minutes! Psychologically that’s very important, I now have momentum and motivation to continue listing the items I really want to get done.



      • paulhaylett

        Hi Robert,

        Thank you so much for replying, I’m very grateful to you
        for finding the time πŸ™‚

        Yes a to do list is vital to keep you from indecision,
        however, so is a screw it, I’m just gonna do it attitude
        as well.

        I get your point about completing two tasks befor 9.10 a.m
        being psycologically powerful, and my first task each
        mornig when I wake up is make the bed, followed by have
        a cup of tea, for me I’ve achieved two tasks before 7 a.m.
        and I’m motivated and ready for the day πŸ™‚

        Stay Awesome,


    • Fawzi Mohamed

      Hi , Paul you are absolutely right many people are waiting for the perfect time to start any thing but they never start because they are not willing to start they just giving themselves an excuses

      • paulhaylett

        Hi Fawzi,

        Yes you are right that people don’t make a start,
        however I like to think that people don’t make that
        all important start, due to being happy in their comfort
        zone as opposed to making excuses.

        What are your thoughts on that my friend πŸ™‚

        Stay Awesome,


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