Well, today I’d like to talk about my journey so far in John Thornhill’s Partnership 2 Success Program.

I’ve been on this excellent program now for 3 or 4 months, and have experienced both elation, at the beginning of this journey, to frustration a month or two back, to elation again as I write this post.

The elation I felt at the beginning was a wonderful feeling and it came about because a. I had finally found a mentor I could relate too in John Thornhill, a real key ingredient when choosing a mentor in any walk of business, but more so in internet marketing, and b. I had begun the work by creating my blog and writing posts.

However, little did I see the frustration that was about to envelop me, quicker than Superman flying round the world 6 times, then making a chicken sandwich. (Hmm random that one, but I like it, so I’ll keep it in there lol)

The frustration came about due to two things.

The first thing was my arthritis was playing up and giving me a lot of pain, not just in my knees and back, but also my hands and it made holding a cup of tea looking like a challenge from the now defunct Krypton Factor…. showing my age there.

The second aspect and the most chilling one, was the email I received one day from my webhost, the excellent d9 hosting, that my blog had been hacked.

Cue a technical nightmare for me, contacting their support team, trying to work out where the files were that were corrupted, running malware scans and coming up with nothing, thinking I was ok, before lo and behold, once again I was informed that I’d been hacked again.

By now I had become a gibbering wreck, and was swearing and cursing harder than Gollum going berserk at Bilbo Baggins for nicking his precious. Obviously, my blog is precious to me, so to keep having it hacked was causing me a great deal of frustration.

So, after backing up all my images, and copying and pasting my blog posts, I went back to the start of John’s program, and completely rebuilt my blog.

Cue for the return of my elation, ( hail the conquering hero…da da da da da da da), as my blog is now reworked, and about as secure as I can get it, and am able to share my journey with you.

The lessons I have learned from this are, have as much security for your blog as possible, and 2 step authenticate your login process, and, firstly write your blog posts and spell check them in Word or Open Office first, as it means if you have to build your blog again, at least your posts can be put back by simply copying and pasting them into WordPress again.

I’d like to thank John, Randy Smith and other members of P2s for giving me the help I needed to help me deal with this issue, and helping me get my groove on again.

Until next time….


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    • Jake tubby

      Your a inspiration to alot of people Paul and should always chase what you love doing most keep up the good work mate 👍🏻👌🏻

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