Well, I’ve been offline now for quite some time due to technical gremlins.  In other words, my flaming computer decided to die, and, then, after buying a new one, that wouldn’t work the way I expected it to either lol.

Technology is wonderful, and it’s only when you have an enforced digital detox, you realise just how much you actually rely on it. It was the same years ago with gas, electricity, running water and Television, I guess.

Anyway, today I want to talk about when some marketers resemble cowboys, and why you need to avoid them, especially if your new to Internet Marketing.

I.M, is a daunting place when your getting started, and it is not helped at all by some marketers who are just hell bent on selling you the latest silver bullet that will make you 2 trillion fluke (a kind of fish) overnight.

Now, apart from being completely and utterly bonkers, and impossible to get rich overnight, unless you win the lottery, a huge bet on the horses, or in the casino, it’s also lying to you.

This is the kind of marketer that in my mind, should be wearing a Stetson, cowboy boots and spurs, and shouting yee haww, or some such other saying.

We’ve all fallen foul of this kind of marketer, they promote the latest big thing from a well-known and trusted marketer, but mislead you with their own brand of wild west emails.

You know the thing, I just had a chat with well-known marketer, and he/she gave me a review copy of their latest product, and I can tell you it’s made me a million bucks overnight, or some such other codswallop that they think will get you to click on the link, and buy the product.

Worse, we do exactly that, and then we find out, that this person has never spoken to the well-known marketer, potentially damaging their hard-earned good reputation, worse still, they have not had a review copy of the latest product from said person, so their already outlandish, wild west claims are bogus.

How I avoid them is simple really, and you could do what I do, or not, it’s up to you :), I save their emails, and when I’ve finished my work for the day, I read them, laugh at them, then file them in a folder marked, How Not To Write An Email That Sells.

I do this to educate myself in two ways. The first is because these emails are so obviously trying to sell to me, as they don’t even try to build rapport with me, and, the second way I learn is not to blatantly lie when promoting a product, as it causes untold damage not only to my reputation, but to the person whose product I’m promoting as well!

I have no wish to get the reputation as either a snake oil peddler, or as a cowboy marketer, as sure I’ll make sales, but I’ll end up broke, and worse, with a bad reputation, due to lying, cheating and nearly stealing, whenever I promote a product, or release my own product.

Believe me ladies and gents, this kind of marketer and marketing, truly is not worth its weight in gold. In fact, it’s more a case of, it’s a career destroyer, so be straight and honest when you promote a product, sure, you’ll lose some subscribers, but those that stay, will appreciate you for being a straight shooter.

Until next time,

Take Care…..


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