Today is about mindfulness and its importance in life and business.

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a way of observing your emotional state without criticising yourself. Our harshest critic is ourself, and that can lead to all sorts of negative mental and emotional states of being.  To begin being mindful, we need to simply meditate and breathe deeply. Now I hear the groans, oh no he’s going to preach religion to me. Far from it as meditation doesn’t require you to be religious in any way, shape or form.

Also, you don’t need to sit on the floor, cross legged either. Of course, if that’s how you wish to meditate, that’s fine. Personally, I sit on a chair, close my eyes, and breathe very deeply, when I’m stressed out, or have a particular emotional challenge I need to overcome. I then focus on my breathing, and watch as the challenges I need to overcome, float by, and instead of getting angry about it, I simply look the situation with a kind of friendly curiosity.

Does it solve the challenge? No, it doesn’t, however, it does enable me to look at it in a more calm emotional state, which helps me to solve the challenge more effectively.

Why Is It Important In Life And My Internet Marketing Business?

Scientific studies show that people who meditate regularly, pay less visits to their doctor, while it also helps to alter your brain patterns to be less angry, irritable and depressed. It also enables you to deal with a challenging situation far more calmly, meaning you find a better solution.

It’s important for your internet marketing business because by meditating more, you become more focused, more creative, improved memory and reaction times, as well as aiding your problem-solving skills.

It will also help you find clarity in your life, and will help you find a way to find your optimum path to achieve all your goals, such as health, wealth and overall happiness.

So where can you meditate? Basically, you can meditate anywhere, on a train, bus, hospital. In fact, I’ve been known to meditate in the bathroom, when life with my autistic daughter starts to raise my irritability levels.

However, being mindful does take a lot of work and patience, but even after you meditate the first time, you will see a change for the better, so keep practicing, and remember like any skill, you improve over time, so stick with it, and watch the positive energy flow from you.

Please either leave a comment when you’ve tried meditation for the first time, and let me know how it made you feel, or email me at, and I’ll be happy to help you.

Happy Meditating,


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