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Today I want to discuss a topic that a lot of marketers, especially when they first start out, dread.

That topic is list building. Now if your new to online marketing, or have been around for a while, then you’ve heard all the big boys in this business tell you that the money is in the list. Now, while they are correct about that, they are only half correct.

Why? Simply because the money is in the relationship you build with your subscribers. Let’s be straight here, people usually don’t buy products or services because they are looking for them.

They buy the person or people that are selling the products and services.

So how do you build that relationship? Well that will be my next post, so stay around for that one :). This post is literally 3 tips that will get you building your list of subscribers quickly and easily. So, without further ado, let’s dive into how you can go from being a list building zero to a list building hero with 3 simple steps to success.

1. Invest in a quality autoresponder.

There are free and paid for options in this step, but my advice is to go for a decent well renowned company that will allow you to grow your list, and schedule and send your emails to your subscribers, when you choose, but are also cost effective. Yes, a small investment now will reap benefits for you later on.

I recommend Aweber, as they have a 30 day free trial for new customers, and then the investment goes up when you reach a certain amount of subscribers, per level. So, after your 30-day free trial, providing you don’t already have an account of course, you pay just $19 per month until you reach 500 subscribers, when it goes up to $29 until you reach 2,500 subscribers, then it goes up incrementally as you grow your list from there.

So, I highly recommend that you make this investment, as you will soon see the benefit of a reliable company that specialises in email marketing lists, also their customer service is excellent too.

2. Find An EVERGREEN Product With A Decent Sales Funnel In Your Niche.

This next step is vital in building your list, as a decent product that never goes out of fashion, in whatever niche you are in, is goldust to you. The reason it’s so valuable is because it means no matter how many visitors (traffic), you send to this product, it will sell and earn you commissions, and in some cases, recurring commissions, which means you keep making money for one lot of work.

So, go to a network such as JVZoo, create an account as an affiliate, search the marketplace for a fantastic evergreen product, that has the following funnel.

A low-priced offer, a medium-priced offer, and, a high-priced offer. The more people you send to the offer, that will buy the low-end offer, then see the medium-priced offer, some will but that as well, then they see the high-priced offer, and some will buy that as well. This maximises your earning potential.

A word of caution though, do not take any of the commissions paid to you until after the refund period has expired, as there are inevitably refunds, and the product owner will reclaim that commission back from you to cover the refund cost. Also, don’t forget that you will need to ask the product owner to become an affiliate for their offer, but relax, you can ask through JVZoo.

3. Make Sure The Product You Promote Has A Gift And Opt In Page.

This last tip is the best of all especially if you are just starting out as an affiliate.

There is nothing worse than doing steps 1 and 2, to find out in step 3, that the visitors your going to send to the offer, will only be building the product owners list and not yours.

An opt in (squeeze) page, with a report that you give away as an enticement to get subscribers to your list is vital. However, make sure the opt in page can be edited to put your autoresponder email address in so as you can build your list, before the customer goes through to buy the products offered.

This last tip is priceless because with your own list, you can send your subscribers valuable content about a subject related to your niche, and market other offers to them, to build your business. Again, make sure the content you send them is valuable and relevant, and that way you build trust, and your subscribers are more likely to buy again from you.

So, there you have it, with this advice, you’ll go from a list building zero, to a list building hero in just 3 simple steps.

Until next time,

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