In the last post, we briefly touched on the importance of building a relationship with your subscribers, that is the more vital part of the money is in the list mantra the gurus tell us.

Like you, if your not new to the internet marketing scene, I built a list of about 1,500 subscribers, I sent emails out to my subscribers daily, and when it came to paying my hosting costs of my websites, and my autoresponder costs, I simply didn’t have enough money to pay the bills.

In other words, I was LOSING money, which was not why I got started in this business in the first place. I was missing a vital piece of the email marketing puzzle. I wasn’t building a relationship with my subscribers!

It was soul destroying, but as luck would have it, I stumbled on to this piece of the puzzle by reading gurus emails were sending me. Then like a revelation on the road to Damascus, the answer hit me. My subscribers didn’t like me or trust me. That hurt as I knew without that trust, I would never be able to help my subscribers achieve their goals, and started to look at a way of how I could help them, and build their trust, and my business as well.

 1. Be Generous.

Now by that I don’t mean give everything away, I mean be generous with your time, and give some good content to your subscribers.

If a subscriber emails you with a question, be like my coach John Thornhill, and reply to that person, and give them the answer to their question. It is amazing just how many marketers miss this point, but it is the very foundation of building trust with your audience.

2. Contact Your Subscribers Often.

Don’t be afraid to send emails to your subscribers. Make sure you have a mix of quality content they want to read, that answers some of their questions in your niche, and promotional emails, that people can buy a product or service that will GENUINELY help to solve their challenge.

Remember people will do far more to move away from pain, than they do to move towards pleasure. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? I can assure you it’s very true.

3. Be 100% Honest And Genuine.

This one is a complete no brainer really. Let your subscribers see how honest you are by showing them that you understand their pain, and that you genuinely want to help them.

This little thing, is actually what will set you apart from other marketers, and give your reputation a huge boost. Plus, if you don’t know the answer, say you don’t know the answer yet, but you’ll find out and let your subscribers know, when you do know.

4. Only Promote Genuine Products That Will Help Your Subscribers.

This one is common sense, but so many marketers make the mistake of only selling products that don’t work, or are of no value to their list.

I receive so many emails in my inbox asking me to buy something that claims to help my business, but it becomes clear in the email that it won’t help me at all, so guess what? I don’t buy it, and nor will your clients either. So, make sure the products that you promote will genuinely help someone to overcome an obstacle they are facing, as opposed to just selling something for a fast buck.

5. Give Your Subscribers What They Want.

I left this one till last because this to me is the most important part of relationship building.

There are two ways of discovering what your clients, or as I prefer to say my friends, actually want. The first is to answer their questions personally, and make a note of the question and answer, then write an email about how you helped a client overcome their challenge, and how you wondered how many other people are going through a similar thing, and your solution.

Secondly, ask them what they want. Too many people get stuck, but don’t like to ask the question through fear. So, ask your clients what they find the most challenging, and make it a survey with 3 options.

Whichever option gets the most replies, then you know what content people want.

At the end of the day, regardless of what is happening, send one email at least per day to your subscribers, but remember to make them feel valued, because if you don’t, then someone else will.

Until next time..

Take Care….


    2 replies to "Five Quick Tips To Building A Relationship With Your Subscribers."

    • Fawzi Mohamed

      Great subject Paul , the money is in the list but you must build a relationship with your list first to get it

      • paulhaylett

        Hi Fawzi,

        First of all, my sincere apologies for the delay in
        my reply to you.

        Yes, your absolutely correct, that the real money
        you can potentially earn, depends on the relationship
        and trust you build with them.

        Stay Awesome,


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